Behind BejYOUl

Behind BejYOUl

BejYOUl was founded in 2019 by Vernisia White. Vernisia White is a certified Life Coach, through Dr. Randon Brons's "Life Coach Academy"

Vernisia White is a life coach who displays constant operant belief in potential of everyone 2 live life by activating distinct and common skills already possessed!

Vernisia (also known as PuSHERO V) has been a life coach for a year but practiced life coaching all her life. For much of her life, she was to remain the "strong one" in most of her circles.

- Originally PuSHERO did not want to be a life coach. It wasn't until her personal life coach made a recommendation. This was something that she soon turned to be great at. PuSHERO received her certification through Dr. Randon Brons from the  Canadian Life Coach Academy.

- Her official title would soon be a Wholistic Life Style Coach. PuSHERO offers services that help with the overall  mind, body, and soul. Under this umbrella  BejYOUl also offers BejYOUl Bodies a fitness platform that  stresses health through physical fitness



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